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Godfathers's Pitbull Top Site

New Era of Massive Bullies

Most Wanted Bulls

The Weekly Top 40

PitBull Power Top 500

PitBull Network Top Site

Dealer's Choice Top Choice

South East Bullies

Top Pitbull Kennels

Top 100 Site's Online

America's Finest Pit Bulls Top Site

Fire & Brimstone Top Site

PitBlues Top 100

PitBull Construction Top Site

PitBull Power True

Iron Cross Top Site

The Best of The Bullies Top site

Big Block Top Site

Greene's Ultimate Top Site

Baddest Of The Bad Asses Top Site

United We Stand Top Site

A.P.B.T.'s Best Breeders List

Pit Shop Top Site

Sovereign Pits Top Site

The Bully Best List

Southern Freaks of Nature Top site 

Top Notch Pits

Red Nation Top Site

Pride Of The Bullies

Bad Ass n Bully

Short Wide N Bully

Rise Of The Bully

Americas Truest Bully Breeder

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